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What is Smart Sling?

Planning and executing a critical lift is tough. Your crane is in position and it’s time to begin the lift – you need to know that every detail is going as planned and that your people are not in danger. Mistakes happen – loads shift, human error and shock loads occur. With Smart Sling, you can monitor your rigging in real time and you are immediately alerted to critical overloads that would otherwise endanger workers or cause a catastrophic accident.

Smart Sling® Technology is engineered from the ground up for the overhead lifting industry. A proprietary radio frequency protocol was designed for maximum reliability. Custom computer hardware and software was developed with input from lifting professionals throughout the development process. Smart Sling gives you peace of mind without over complicating your lift.

Smart Sling Technology constantly monitors your Twin-Path® high performance sling for severe overload. If an overload is detected, an alert is immediately sent to users. Smart Sling is a hybrid system, combining digital and mechanical technologies to create a solution that is accurate and does not rely on latency or refresh rates. Inside your Smart Sling there is a weak link, independent from the load-bearing core yarns, that reacts when the sling is overloaded. This indicates that the sling may have experienced a load significantly higher than its rated capacity and a repair evaluation is needed.

Stay Connected

Smart Sling provides insight into your sling’s condition

No matter where you are in the world, now you can monitor your lifts 24/7.  If a Smart-Sling is severely overloaded, all registered users are alerted immediately.  Whether you are responsible for one jobsite or many, remaining informed provides peace of mind.

Smart Sling Software Screen shot
Slings being used to lift heavy bridge piece in washington DC

Smart Sling is Easy to use

Taking the complicated out of industrial software

Smart Sling Technology re-imagines how industrial software can work. Easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to monitor. Familiar web-based system means that anyone on your crew can start monitoring slings using any device within minutes.

Full Jobsite Coverage

Expand and customize your system

One Smart Sling basestation monitors up to 50 slings with a range of 1000 ft. Need more coverage? Additional basestations can be added to your system so you can monitor the entire jobsite from one device.

Smart Sling multi base
Overload Alert displayed on laptop

Be Informed

Alert history

Mistakes happen. In order to know what went wrong, you need to know what happened and when it happened. Smart Sling creates a record of which slings were overloaded and timestamps when. Notes can be added to each sling to keep all users informed of the sling status.

Keep It Simple

No additional rigging required

The Sling Overload Sensor is embedded inside every Smart Sling and is constantly monitoring for overload. Featuring a two year always on battery, there is no need to turn Smart Slings off or charge between uses. With Smart Sling, complicated external load measurement devices are no longer needed.

In Use


  • No additional rigging required
  • Reduce risk to your workers
  • Reduce costly accidents
  • Accountability
  • Peace of mind
  • Improve morale
  • Objective safety milestones
  • Monitor multiple job sites remotely


  • Instant notice of critical overload
  • SMS text message & email alerts
  • Intuitive software
  • Track 50 slings at once
  • 1000+ foot range
  • Two-Year battery life
  • Water resistant
Smart Sling Picture For Twin-Path Section

Smart Sling Technology is Exclusive to Twin-Path Slings

For over 30 years Slingmax Twin-Path® high-performance synthetic roundslings have been used worldwide in place of steel rigging for heavy lifts. Twin-Path slings are approximately 10% of the weight of a steel sling and are globally repairable by authorized manufacturers. Twin-Path® high performance round slings are manufactured with K-Spec® Core Yarn. Independent testing shows that K-Spec® core yarn is the longest lasting load-bearing core yarn in any lifting sling.

Smart Sling® Technology is only available in Twin-Path high performance roundslings.

 Technical Specifications


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